Our Story

It all began in 1976, when Emanuel Degabriele decided he was going to be a cabinetmaker. He started his apprenticeship at the age of 15 and as time passed he started to make his own joinery for customers after hours in his father's garage, naming his business 'Degabriele Kitchens'.

Throughout the years, Emanuel's clientele had grown immensely, so after completing his apprenticeship, he decided to expand his business by renting out his first factory and employing staff.

In 1986, Emanuel met his wife Linda whilst he was building her parent's new kitchen and were married in 1987. Their first daughter Sheree was born in 1988 and from the moment she could walk, she would spend nearly every Saturday accompanying Emanuel on site check measures, deliveries and installations. The family continued to grow with four more daughters and one son. Throughout the years Emanuel has trained many of todays high skilled trades people, won numerous kitchen awards along with working with many clients, prestige builders, architects and interior designers.

In December of 1999, Emanuel sold 'Degabriele Kitchens' and in January 2000 started 'Kitchens by Emanuel', with the intent of creating a boutique kitchen company with his detailed experience and his resources to source the highest quality materials and products with the core of the business being based on a personalised and tailored service to his clients.

As Sheree grew older, her involvement in Kitchens by Emanuel grew as well, working with Emanuel during her school holidays to learn the ropes of the business. Meanwhile, Emanuel continued to build the company by striving for excellence in every project and working tirelessly, developing custom made kitchens and joinery.

As time passed, Sheree finished school and followed in her father's footsteps by starting her apprenticeship at TAFE studying 'Shop fitting and detailed joinery' which required her to work in the factory fulltime. Simultaneously to this, Sheree also studied 'Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration' at TAFE. After graduating from her two TAFE courses and working for many years in the factory, and gaining valuable practical experience in completing onsite check measures and developing plans, Sheree wanted to expand her knowledge about Kitchens by Emanuel.

She did this by joining Emanuel in the office to gain a greater experience on how to efficiently run the business. Bringing fresh ideas to the table, Sheree not only learnt how to run the business, she also made significant changes to processes and procedures that improved customer service.

Sheree incorporated her signature touch in her designs by combining her knowledge of cabinet making and interior design. Together with Sheree's background of cabinetmaking, as well as her expertise and passion for designing, she can offer quite a unique service to her clients.

Since July 2009 Sheree has taken over the family business. Sheree has taken to her creative passion and has been busy with designing and organising kitchen projects for her clients. In November of 2010 Sheree employed her younger sister Samantha for all administration and accounts works. Together, Sheree and Samantha carry on what their father taught them in the business about maintaining a high level of customer service and a high quality product. Sheree's energetic personality and passion shows through her kitchen designs and tailored service towards her clients.

Sheree has also worked with high-end builders, architects and designers throughout Sydney and continues to design and construct stylish and practical kitchens.

Kitchens by Emanuel looks forward to working with you and your family.